Alabama Regulator Reduces Process for Auto Insurers to Lower Policyholder Premiums – Insurance Coverage Journal

14April 2020

Article 0 Comments The Alabama Department of Insurance coverage states it will waive filing fees and permit instant application of premium decreases by insurers in an effort to provide some relief to Alabama customers.

In a bulletin provided recently, Alabama Insurance coverage Commissioner Jim L. Ridling urged automobile insurers to think about decreasing premiums to reflect the decreased exposure from policyholders driving less throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and provide monetary relief to those insureds.

“The Alabama Department of Insurance coverage believes it is generally understood that customers are driving less throughout the pandemic and, as an effect, being less exposed to

motor vehicle mishaps causing injuries and home damage, “the publication reads. Numerous automobile insurance coverage calculate premiums based on exposure price quotes made at the time the policy is provided, with miles driven just one example of a common exposure.

The publication said insurers might instantly provide relief through premium credits or the return of premium.

Insurance companies need to submit an educational rate filing via the department’s SERFF system and include the timeframe, specific premium effect and whether the action apples to brand-new organization and/or renewal. ALDOI will waive the premium filing.

Premium decreases or retroactive return of premium made in accordance with the publication to accommodate COVID-10 related changes in exposure or risk profile will not be considered a refund or unjust discrimination, ALDOI said, to the level they are fairly and consistently applied.

“Sensible and consistently applied exceptional adjustments will likewise not be pursued by the [Alabama] Department of Insurance coverage as offenses of statutes governing returning premiums to policyholders or the frequency of premium changes, nor will the be considered out of compliance with approved ranking plans, guidelines, or policy language,” the publication concluded.

All of the significant automobile insurers have actually devoted to providing exceptional relief to policyholders dealing with the current coronavirus crisis. According to the Insurance Coverage Details Institute, the leading nationwide automobile insurer and other automobile insurers have actually announced refunds, credits, discount rates and dividends totaling$8.1 billion. III approximates that this overall will reach$10.5 billion as more automobile insurers announce their offers.

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