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5October 2020

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.– A Brevard County firemen is accused of setting a fire at his house in order to defraud his insurance provider, according to authorities.

According to Brevard County, Don Slayman is a fire department lieutenant who has actually been employed with the county since 2005. He has actually been put on paid leave.

Authorities said the investigation began after Slayman’s house captured on fire on Sept. 3, 2019 as Typhoon Dorian was approaching the location.

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Slayman’s next-door neighbor initially called 911 to report the flames from the house’s garage and second story then Slayman also called and said he was still in the house but he was fine and he was simply searching for his secrets and his feline, according to the report.

Records show Slayman initially informed detectives that he was cut from work at about midday that day so he went to have some drinks with buddies, then returned house and rode his golf cart to the community clubhouse, where he continued drinking.

After he returned house again, Slayman plugged in his golf cart in the garage next to some containers of gas that he had kept for a member of the family and went within to view “Two and a Half Guy,” authorities said.

He said he was viewing the show when he noticed smoke then get an alert from an app on his phone informing him that there was a 911 call in the address and the location matched his house, according to the report.

Firefighters on scene said Slayman was able to get out of the house on his own. They kept in mind that he didn’t have any injuries or singe marks and he didn’t odor of smoke but he did odor of alcohol.

The next day, detectives said they identified the fire started in the garage near the golf cart and a generator and that it was incendiary in nature.

A next-door neighbor who called 911 to report the flames said that he thought it was odd that Slayman’s truck was backed in instead of pulled forward like it normally was and that the household’s black car was in the driveway rather of parked inside the garage, especially with the cyclone coming.

Records show Slayman was interviewed again about the fire in January and this time he said that he went to add gas to the generator as it was running near the golf cart when “there was a flash and fire went everywhere.”

He said he went to get his phone from upstairs and by the time he returned, the flames were too considerable so he couldn’t get the fire extinguisher out of worry that he might get trapped, according to authorities.

Slayman supposedly admitted that the story he informed in January was various than the one he informed right away after the fire.

By the time of the second interview, records show Slayman already had his other half submit an insurance claim to cover the damage. Detectives said the insurance plan valued Slayman’s house at $437,000 plus $218,500 in personal effects when the property appraiser’s office only valued the house at $280,100.

The couple had also tried to sell the house in August 2016 but removed it from the marketplace in March 2017 after it didn’t sell. In 2017, they purchased a piece of property to construct their dream house, according to the report.

Authorities said based upon the disparities with the insurance coverage and Slayman’s story, plus the reality the fire was not electrical in nature and Slayman didn’t have any injuries or signs of being near the flames when they broke out, they decided to issue a warrant for his arrest on Friday.

He’s facing charges of arson of a residence and burning to defraud.

County authorities decreased to talk about the investigation.Source:

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