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25September 2020

Dear Car Talk: I have a 2003 Honda Aspect EX. I love the automobile. It’s the best automobile I have actually ever owned (and I have owned 17 cars and trucks total ). My partner offered to purchase me a brand-new 2011 Aspect when I turned 40. At the time, I told her my 2003 Aspect was perfect. The interior has pet dog hair in the cracks, the dash is scratched from loads of lumber and pipelines, it was the cars and truck we handled our very first date– and it was spent for completely.

Honda stopped making the Aspect in 2011, and I now are sorry for decreasing the deal. My 2003 Aspect has 197,000 miles on it. It runs well but burns and leaks oil, and the transmission is slipping. And in 3,000 miles I’m due for a significant service. That service and some now needed repairs will cost me about $4,000.

Or I might purchase a 2008 Honda Aspect EX with only 37,000 miles that has some front-end damage for about $3,000. I believe I can repair the 2008 for about $3,500. Should I keep and repair my trusted and cherished 2003 Aspect with all the problems I know well, or purchase the younger, lower miles Aspect and offer my current one, which deserves about $3,500 as is? Thanks.– Expense

Cars are not partners, Expense. They don’t love you back. Nor do they keep your home. When it comes to cars and trucks, we fully endorse trading for a younger design. Especially in your case. Regardless of our romantic concepts, cars and trucks don’t improve with age. They wear out.

They have a beneficial life. And for a while, you can replace parts and keep them functional. However eventually, they begin breaking down faster than you can put them back together. And at that point, the cost becomes prohibitive, even if the inconvenience does not.

And the best step of beneficial life? Mileage. It’s not perfect, since some individuals battered their cars and trucks with stop and go traffic and holes, and some individuals baby their cars and trucks on smooth highways. Normally speaking, a cars and truck with lower mileage will have more beneficial life than a cars and truck with greater mileage.

And in your case, it’s not even close. You’re talking 197,000 miles vs. 37,000 miles. That’s 160,000 less miles! Consider it in this manner: If you were sponsoring a life insurance coverage policy with your own money, would you compose one for a 90-year-old or a 20-year-old?

So absolutely get the 2008 Aspect with 37,000 miles while you can. And you can either offer your 2003 Aspect for $3,500 (although with a slipping transmission, best of luck), or you can keep it as a parts cars and truck. Keeping it as a parts cars and truck has a number of benefits. You’ll still have the ability to being in it, take in the old cars and truck smell and reminisce. And you can take your time transferring over all the old pet dog hair.

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